J S corporation as an exporter known for its sourcing abilities is always looking forward to supplying traders and industries across the globe with the motto of the best quality and services at the lowest price. Our organisation excels in procuring the best at the lowest, not only do we source everything and anything in the electrical and construction supplies market, but have tie ups with some of the leading agro houses and tool manufacturers as well.
J S corporation has exported to various African countries like Nigeria, Mozambique, Ghana , Zambia and Kenya and done installation / up gradation projects at various places such as in Bhutan.

Some of our major products in Export are as under:
Philips Lights and Luminaries( LEDs and conventional), High-masts, Lamps ( LEDs and conventional), Switches, HT/LT Motors, DG sets, Cables and Wires, Switch Gears and MCBs,Cables Glands,Cable Trays, Pumps ( submersible and non submersible) and Transformers.